IN CONVERSATION (Part 3): SYSTEMHOUSE 33 Talk Future of Indian Metal Scene, History in Nagpur, and Release of ‘REGRESSION’

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You’ve tracked their brutal tour with Six Feet Under in Europe. You’ve had a taste of what’s to come on their upcoming album. And now, you’re going to go deep into Mumbai-based metallers SystemHouse 33‘s very history in their unassuming hometown, as well as the ambitious mind of their vocalist Samron Jude.

In this two-part finale of our mega-interview with Samron, listen as he offers his opinion on why today’s bands in the Indian metal scene will need to invest in multimedia with their music, as well as their incredible history in their hometown of Nagpur! You can listen to both parts through our YouTube and SoundCloud channels below.

First off, Sam doesn’t feel so optimistic about bands depending solely on albums and gigs for revenue. “After what has happened in the music scene with the Internet coming in – album sales at an all-time low and making money only from gigs – I feel that the next 5 years is going to be very crucial [for the scene],” says the SystemHouse frontman. “It’s all going to change. Bands will have to look into newer sources of revenue. YouTube is one option, where you can get money from ad networks like Google. If people can’t catch you live, they’ll watch your video, and if it’s good, it’ll attract more people.

Websites and other alternatives of making money are going to boom. It can’t just be on gigs; those gigs have to create a situation where you can make something off of them. If it’s a big gig, you can make a music video out of it that people will watch. So bands will start investing in all these aspects, I feel. Once you do that, that’s when you’re gonna get paid back, and if you’re not gonna do that, you might not be a band any longer. How long can you continue with no money, unless it’s just a hobby?

Sam is especially perky when talking about the band’s start in the then almost nascent music scene of Nagpur.

Says he, “I’ve wanted to talk about this for the longest time! So there are a lot of engineering colleges in Nagpur; about 16 of them in the outskirts. One of them is VNIT, which has an annual festival organised by the students. At that point, we were a band that played the Doors and a couple of pop songs.

One day while we were hanging out in the college, a guy pulled us out from the crowd and took us to his dormitory. He sat us down in front of his computer, switched it on, and played the music video of Pantera’s “I’m Broken”. Watching Dimebag Darrell for the first time was heavy stuff, and we were like, “what just happened?!” We asked him to give us more of this music, because dial-up net connections even back in 2002 to 2003 weren’t good enough for a Google search. So we took his CD, made a hundred copies of it, and gave them to everyone we knew.

We kept asking for more and more music, and gave more and more CDs away. We didn’t mind spending 20 to 30 bucks on this because we wanted to have a small community where we could talk about this kind of music. So it started off that way, and more bands [in Nagpur] started listening to it, man. It changed the music tastes of a lot of people there, and soon, we started playing all of that stuff. It was crazy!

Be on the lookout for SystemHouse 33’s upcoming new album ‘Regression’, releasing in early 2016! Thanks for tuning in!

IN CONVERSATION (Part 3): SYSTEMHOUSE 33 Talk Future of Indian Metal Scene, History in Nagpur, and Release of ‘REGRESSION’