Photo: Parikshith P
Photo: Parikshith P

Hello. This is Sairaj Kamath… sole owner, content creator, Chief Dominatrix and Grand Poobah of Centuries of Sin.

There are a LOT  of different things on this blog right now, not just limited to gig reviews and photographs. You might’ve seen videos, writings on a video game or two, and even some fan-made wallpapers. You’ve perhaps seen a straight-up reporting style in my pieces here, or (probably) lame attempts at comedic writing. Seems all over the place, doesn’t it?

The truth is, I’ve been fortunate enough to write for different people and offices like Explocity and Rolling Stone India; great places to hone my skills, but all with different agendas. And as you might expect, heavy metal isn’t always a part of them.

This is a brave new world of online journalism and “infotainment”, and our metal bands today are going to need to harness as much of it as they can. And as a media student, I aim to do just that with CoS.

You’re going to see editorials, reports, videos, photographs, graphics, and anything else that I can conjure up on your favourite metal bands, or new talent that you might not have heard of before. All by the same one guy right here. A weird mix of personal blog, brand, and journalistic entity.

I might not be able to post content regularly (due to, you know, college and stuff)… but you can be assured that when I do, it’s going to include nothing less than the HIGHEST-QUALITY content that I can put out. Because our metal scene deserves just that.

Welcome to Centuries of Sin. Keep those horns up, and enjoy the ride.


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